Please Donate

Trees in a forest.Your generous donations can be made directly to the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, headquartered in Olympia, Washington. The Foundation is the administrator of the funds donated to and distributed from the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund.

Donors can submit their payments one of four ways:

  1. Donate directly on the Community Foundation web site. Scroll down to the Scholarship Funds section and look for the "Ecosystems Scholarship Fund Donate Now!" option. Then just click and follow the prompts.

  2. Make checks payable to the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, 212 Union Ave. SE, Suite 102, Olympia, WA 98501, or

  3. Call the Foundation at (360) 705-3340 to use either MasterCard or Visa ( BE SURE TO SPECIFIY THAT YOUR DONATION SHOULD GO TO: The Ecosystems Scholarship Fund )

  4. Donate through the Combined Fund Drive, please enter #1480339 under the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound and it will take you directly to the Ecosystems Scholarship fund.

Every effort must be made to assist future generations in being professional custodians of nature’s valuable gifts because the health and prosperity of any nation can be traced to how it plans for the management, protection and use of its natural resources on a sustainable basis. Never before has the need been greater for solving environmental issues, many of which are cumulative and convenient to ignore.

When you think of natural resources start with the quality of the water that you drink, the wood that made your house, the paper on which you might apply for a scholarship, our forests, parks, climate change, solar energy, urban planning, etc. All of these disciplines and issues need the best thinkers our nation can produce to address these issue. Through the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund you can contribute to a much larger effort…it’s all about our shared future.