Ecosystems Scholarship Fund

About the Scholarship

The Ecosystems Scholarship Fund is a new scholarship established through the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound in Olympia, WA. This scholarship fund is unique in that it provides a systematic process for assisting students with their college expenses in pursuing careers in natural resources and land use planning. Also, donors who employ people in natural resources and land use planning can have confidence that this scholarship will ultimately create a pool from which they can hire future employees.


The Ecosystems Scholarship Fund was established to assist college students who have declared their major field of study in natural resources or land use planning. Up to $5,000 award.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  1. Declared major in natural resources or land use planning. Natural resources include the fields of forestry, fisheries, wildlife, water resources, marine and freshwater ecology, air quality, geology, renewable energy, ecosystems management, climate change, environmental sciences and other closely related areas. Land use planning includes all activities that address zoning, infrastructure development and policies that ensure land is used or managed to benefit the human population and to protect the environment.
  2. Rays of sunlight on a valley floor.

  3. Must be currently enrolled, as Sophomore status or above (but prior to BA/BS degree), at one of the following institutions: University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University (Huxley College of the Environment) or The Evergreen State College

    • However, if awarded, recipient may attend any four-year degree educational institution located in the United States as long as they pursue studies in natural resources or land use planning
  4. Minimum GPA of 3.0 in college-level courses.
  5. A positive attitude and a passion for nature demonstrated through involvement (volunteer or employment) in an environmental organization or hands-on work for a natural resources or land use agency or company.
  6. Three references who can provide information on the academics, work ethic, and social attributes of the student.

A complete application packet requires:

  • Profile Form

    Make certain all information provided is legible, especially the email address as that will be our main method of communicating information to you.
  • Personal Statement

    Write a short statement indicating your reasons for pursuing the natural resources or land use planning major, as well as addressing your future career goals.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation

    A successful letter of recommendation will remark on the student’s academics, work ethic, and social attributes.
  • Grade Transcript

    Include a copy of your most recent grade transcript. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.